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If you have any young friends who aspire to become writers, the second greatest favor you can do them is to present them with copies of The Elements of Style. The first greatest, of course, is to shoot them now, while they’re happy.

- Dorothy Parker (via rebakitt3n)

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I haven’t even finished #1200 but I’m nearly finished #1201. That’s how I roll I guess.

Some writers need a while to charge their batteries, and then write their books very rapidly. Some writers write a page or so every day, rain or shine. Some writers run out of steam, and need to do whatever it is they happen to do until they’re ready to write again.

- Neil Gaiman (Entitlement issues)

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I took some Ambien, was about to slide into bed, and seven year old Penelope popped into my head.  She wants to tell a story and I want to listen but I gotta get some sleep.  So I wrote out a page and have to pray for the rest to still be there in the morning.

I’m sure everyone is sick to death of hearing about In der Nacht Verschwunden but I have some good news.  I just wrote the last scene I needed before I can finally work on the climax and ending. I know I said that last night but I added one more scene for clarity.  And most of that is already in a draft and craft so I dont have to think as hard because most of it is written out for me pretty extensively.

Also, I’m over 53,000 words now so its most likely that this will end up being my longest fic.

rebakitt3n said: Wait - ending your CM fic career? No more stories? What do you think you’ll write about?

I cant say that I reject other CM stories coming to mind but they have nearly destroyed every part of the show and characters I love and when I even think about it anymore I get angry instead of happy or excited to let my pen change yet another canon screw up.  Plus this last fic will be #1200 and that’s a nice even number to go out on.

I think my next writing assignment is to put some effort into rewriting my novel.  I finally gave it a new name, Lifetimes and Aftermaths (its been Black, White, and Shades of Grey since I was in middle school).  Its an overbloated story with too many damn characters and by the end everyone has been married to each other and had kids and shit but its my homage to Judith Krantz and other 80s glitz books I stole from my mother’s room and devoured, even if I only understood about 3/4 of them.

So I have the novel and about 6 to 10 novella size original stories and I can take all the skills that made me a better writing fic over the last decade and might make something interesting enough to be publishable.  That’s not the be all, end all for me but I wouldnt turn away the opportunity if it came along and I know a couple of players in the industry so I might have a bit of help.

51,910 words

That’s where I am on In der Nacht Verschwunden.  I just finished my last scene before I finally write the climax and end of the story, which could be another six scenes or more.  Since my longest fic ever, Soulless, is 59,069 words there is a strong chance that this story could beat it.  It looks like I could be ending my Criminal Minds fic career with a hella bang.

I just crossed 50,000 words on In der Nacht Verschwunden!

48,250 words written on In der Nacht Verschwunden.  I only have three scenes left to do before I can finally begin the climax and ending, one and three-quarters of those scenes are already written.  So yay for me!

Walking back from the drug store….

a scenario suddenly filled my head for a Hotch/Rossi romance in a support group ala Go On with banter and sexy schmuff.  Dont know if I’m gonna write it but it has been a while since these guys tickled my brain and I was happy to see them.